Cute Angel Pet Dog Leashes

Product information

Material: Nylon
Product Category: Traction Belt
Can it be scaled: no
Color: bare-angel traction rope pink, bare-angel traction rope blue, bare-angel traction rope red, bare-angel traction rope purple, bare-angel traction rope yellow, traction rope-cartoon panda doll, Towing rope-cartoon pink rabbit doll
Specifications (length * width): S width 1.0cm (within 8 kg), M width 1.5cm (within 15 kg)


  • Made of premium fabric polyester material, it is soft and durable.
  • Lightweight flex buckle with large loading capacity which greatly improves strength and dispersion.
  • The adorable angel wings at the back of the harness making your pet look more cute.
  • The harness is designed to be gentle and put less stress on the pet when pulling on the lead.
  • Keep your dogs safety and under control in the car during driving while still have some range of movement and flexibility.